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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Cell Phone: Make sure you supply us with an active cell phone number where we can reach you at all times while you are using our services.
Cancellation: Any Customer who cancels their reservation with us three days (72 hours) or longer prior to the booked parking period will receive a full refund.  
A customer canceling a booking within 24 hours of the commencement of the booked parking period (including customers who do not arrive at the departing terminal) shall be liable to pay the full parking fee agreed for the whole of the booked parking period (any abatement of the agreed parking fee will be at the company’s sole discretion.) 
A customer may incur a late fee for any situations out of the control of the company.  
Parking: The Company is not liable for any fees or expenses for any damage or loss to the customer’s vehicle or property in or on said vehicle. 
The Company does not accept any responsibility or liability (whether as bailee or otherwise) for any theft, loss or damage to: 
Any personal property or loose items left with the vehicle while on Company’s premises ( whether or not during the parking period) or: 
For any personal property (including traveling luggage) of the Customer. 
The Company does not accept any responsibility or liability (whether as bailee or otherwise) for any damage to windscreen or any other glass in the vehicle, tires, motor, drive train or engine. 
Keys: Do not leave any keys with us other than the keys necessary to operate the vehicle.
Notification of Flight Changes: You must give us sufficient notification of any and all changes in your flight.
Oversized Vehicles: Vans and other oversized vehicles that take up more than one parking space may be charged a minimal extra charge.
Notification of Landing: Everyone must notify us upon landing.
After picking up your luggage call us again to let us know you are ready to be picked up. This minimizes delays. Tel: 617-569-8350.

Updated: September 6, 2016 — 1:12 pm