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Affordable Valet Service and Parking


Where are our vehicles parked and is it safe?
Your vehicle is parked in our parking lot less than 10 minutes away from the airport with 24 hour security. We have had less than 1% vehicles damaged since we have been in business with all the vehicles we have parked and driven for our many clients.

How does valet parking actually work?
You drive up to the terminal door. You get out, and go into the terminal. Our valet takes your vehicle and parks it in our secure parking lot for you. This allows you to go directly from your vehicle into the terminal.
When you come back, you fly in and come out of the terminal. We are waiting for you at the terminal door with your vehicle. You get into your own vehicle and drive away. Again, all you do is get into your vehicle and leave the terminal in your own vehicle.
You have found a way to avoid going to and from any parking lot!!

What is real airport valet parking?
Real airport valet parking is getting in and out of your vehicle right at the terminal door.

What is a shuttle service?
You are shuttled in some kind of vehicle to and from the airport terminal door with or without other people to a parking area where you can then get in or out of your vehicle. This is not Real Valet Service.

How much are your daily parking rates?
We offer Combination Valet Service and Low Cost Parking Packages. One of them should fit your needs perfectly. All great packages!! Click Here for a price chart 

Can I Cancel My Valet Service & Parking Reservation That I Made With You?
Please check the Terms & Conditions for a complete answer. Under normal conditions if you give us at least 24 hours notice there should be no complications of any kind.

When should we make a reservation?
Reservations and cancellations should always be made at least 24 hours in advance. Late reservations will be accommodated if and when we have available time and personnel.

How do we make reservations?
Call in and talk directly to one of our representatives! They can explain it all very easily. It’s quite simple.

How and when do I pay?
You can pay when you make the reservation or when you arrive at the terminal to leave on your trip. You can pay with cash or credit card.
Credit Cards We Accept

How much is the rate per day for valet service & parking combined?
Go to the prices and price charts page and find the total cost for the number of days you are going to park your car with us and divide the total cost by the number of days. This gives you the per day cost for parking and valet service combined. That is the real cost of both parts of our service combined for you to evaluate. i.e. $199 for parking and valet service for 10 days tells you that you paid $19.90 a day for parking and valet service combined. That is a real bargain because valet service priced at $99 is pretty close to the cost of our expenses for this valet service. $99 is a very fair price for this service.
By the way, if you take $99 away for the valet service part of our packages you will find our parking rates are very, very low.



Updated: September 4, 2016 — 7:23 am